About Us

Find out below exactly what has made Haines Mechanical & Detail the success they are today and what their foundations consist of.

Haines Mechanical & Detail was founded to deliver the best European automotive maintenance and modification experience available in South Australia.

Haines Mechanical & Detail was founded to support the European Automotive market within South Australia, this includes but is not limited to; 

  • A professional maintenance & repairs experience.
  • Custom European ECU and Transmission tuning developed for Australian conditions.
  • A high end aftermarket parts catalogue that is accessible by everyone within the Adelaide Region. 

Many other companies and specialists promise similar results however only a few come close delivering on their promises.

Our Customer Service Objective.

One of our main focal points at Haines Mechanical & Detail is to offer an industry leading Customer service experience. 

Each and every client that walks through our door is treated with a personalised and customised approach, this will ensure a customer-centric business atmosphere that our clients can take advantage of and enable them to enjoy on every visit to HMD.

With every client we deliver a professional and prompt service experience that keeps you, the client, updated throughout the servicing, repairs or performance upgrade process. 

HMD endeavours to treat all clientele with respect and honesty. All work is carried out to a high level of craftsmanship, as if it was one of our own vehicles being cared for.

Quality Control

Every products and service offered at the HMD establishment are tried and tested. We will never conduct business on guess work, with all of the products that we develop and release for our client base have met our stringent quality control measures with factors such as product quality, longevity  & Industry leaders / standards being at the forefront of all testing. 

This ensures that our clientele gets the best results & vehicle operation when trusting our business. 

Performance Upgrades

Haines Mechanical & Detail only affiliates with industry leading aftermarket performance companies. We conduct our own on site testing prior to offering a product to our clientele – this alleviates the guess work when clients are striving to achieve the best performance from their vehicles.


We have the largest aftermarket product offering for European vehicles in South Australia – if we don’t list it on our online store chances are we can still get a desired product for you, and do so in a short timeframe.

Manufacturer Approved Maintenance & Servicing

It is a common mosconception that in order to retain your manufacturers warranty you MUST get your new vehicle service with you local dealership.

At HMD we are able to conduct you logbook servicing & maintenance to a higher standard of what you would receive at your vehicles’ dealership service centre.

All of the maintenance conducted at Haines Mechanical & Detail on new vehicles’ is compliant with their respective manufacturers warranty & maintenance statement terms and conditions.

Mechanical Repairs

Haines Mechanical & Detail has put an emphasis on creating partnerships with the largest European Parts distribution company within Australia. the main benefit of this it to obtain the highest quality European parts for your European vehicle which will in turn get you back on the road faster.

Not only is there a great partnership with aftermarket OE parts network, we also have an outstanding relationship with the Original Equipment Manufacturer as well, so there is no short fall when it comes to accessing spare parts from any of the major vehicle manufacturers in the European automotive marketplace.