Automotive Detailing.

Correction. Protection. Restoration.

With over 7 years experience on all types of automotive finishes on Cars, Motorcycles, Boats & Trucks. Haines Mechanical & Detail is equipped to handle any refinishing & protective requirements you have for your prestige vehicle.

The HMD Difference.

Our services are not just limited to the exterior of your vehicle. We have a suitable solution for every surface of your vehicle; Leather, Fabric / Carpets, Glass, Plastics, Aluminium & Wood Trims; Even those you cannot see such as the undercarriage of your vehicle.
With Qualified mechanics on-site with years of experience working on prestige vehicles, put simply, we can access more areas of your vehicle which are usually neglected by our competitors.

There is no reason that any surface is left untouched and the best part; no damage to your pride and joy – something that we see too much of in this industry.

Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailers.

Haines Mechanical & Detail are South Australia’s only Gyeon Quartz Cloth certified detailing studio. Providing the highest quality professional Gyeon protection & Services for your Paintwork, Interior, Glass, Wheels, Plastics and much much more.

” GYEON quartz Q² MOHS+, Q² DuraBead and Q² DuraFlex are state of the art ceramic coating systems that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of your vehicles paint. Put very simply, it is the most advanced paint protection system in the world today and is backed by a 5-year warranty provided by GYEON quartz and supported throughout the Certified GYEON quartz Detailer Network in Australia and Globally. “

What does Gyeon certification mean to our clients?

The Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailer program enable HMD to access the best ceramic protection and maintenance product available on the market today. With this, we can offer ‘Certified Only’ coatings and the warranties that accompany these products.

Gyeon Quartz Cloth only seeks the highest calibre of automotive perfection, strongly relying on the distributors of their product to discover the detailing studios’ that share the common passion of Automotive Detailing Craftsmanship.

Our Certified treatments are supplied with a limited new car 5-year manufacturer warranty against loss of gloss, chemical and UV damage (MOHS+, DuraFlex & DuraBead only) to ensure your vehicle will continue to look its best for years, not weeks, and can be installed only on the vehicles paintwork or onto every exterior and interior surface you choose.

What does Gyeon Certification mean to HMD?

Being Gyeon certified allows HMD to work with the most technologically advanced coating systems available on the market today like Q2 Duraflex, Q2Mohs+ and Q2 DuraBed. All of these partnered with a 5 Year warranty, this period represents a huge obligation and responsibility for HMD, this will not only affect our clientele but the reputation of Gyeon Quartz.

Contrary to popular belief, Certification is not granted to detailing studios as a means to increase sales or boost a businesses’ marketing potential. Only the top echelon of detailing businesses are handpicked. this is after undertaking an in-depth application & scrutineering process, along with multiple training seminars held at the Gyeon Quartz head office in Sydney, Australia.

Certification to HMD does not represent a means to boost sales or gain clientele, but certification will enable us to showcase why we are the leading paint correction & protection studio in Adelaide, backed by the global leaders in surface protection that last for years, not weeks!

Paint Correction

Single stage correction

Paint correction is when we start getting serious about how your paint looks under direct sunlight. Even brand new cars when in direct light will usually have many flaws that trained and even untrained eyes can pick up on. Swirl marks, watermarks, holograms from machine polishing and light scratches can all be removed through our correct machine polishing technique with a good pad and compound combination.

Dual stage Correction

More often than not some surfaces require more work than just a single pass of paint correction with a single pad and compound combination. This is where dual stage correction will come into effect. This will allow us to be more aggressive with our first stage of paint correction, removing heavier defects and allowing the second stage of paint correction to raise the final desired finish to a 'better than new' standard.

Multi-stage Correction

When your vehicle's paint is in dire need of correction then this is where multi-stage correction is best. We can achieve an above industry-standard in paint clarity, defect removal and overall gloss levels across the entire painted surface.

Exterior Protection – Ceramic Paint Protection.

We offer one of the Worlds most trusted, certified and proven brands to provide the ultimate protection and finish for your vehicles paintwork. Gyeon Quartz will provide the protection and finish you expect.

Ceramic, Nano or Glass Coatings – there is a lot of marketing and gimmicks in the paint protection industry. HMD has invested heavily into filtering through the marketing jargon for our clients. This allows us to only offer premier products to our clientele without sacrificing any amount of quality or longevity. We have done the hard work and testing so you can rest easy with your decision in protecting your investment. 

Our Ceramic Coating offerings give our clientele the best possible form of chemical protection for their asset, with amazing properties such as; Self Cleaning, UV Protection and a ‘harder’ exterior of your paintwork compared to the clear coat. This will aid in protecting the exterior of your vehicle when it comes to washing and drying your vehicle.

HMD Offers numerous types and brands of ceramic coating treatments to match all different types of paint finishes and price points for our clients

Interior Detailing & Protection.

Our interior detailing & protection service involves precise cleaning & debris extraction of all interior surfaces and voids in your vehicle, we will always utilise the least intrusive method to achieve the desired result due to our experience dealing with delicate interiors of vehicles throughout our operations within the detailing industry. 

Protection of all fabric, leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces can only be conducted when the surface in question is thoroughly clean and sanitary. Only then will we be able to lock in this pristine finish and apply a product that helps the client maintain this impeccable standard of cleanliness for years to come.

From fabric and upholstery protection through to protecting some of the finest leather products that automotive manufacturers are including with vehicles, HMD has an interior surface protection product available at all price points for our clientele.

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