Servicing For Your Audi Volkswagen BMW Mercedes Skoda Porsche

Manufacturer Approved & Certified. Warranty Compliant / Safe logbook servicing. Completed by Qualified & Certified Mechanics.

Factory Approved & Certified.

All maintenance procedures used to complete annual servicing on all vehicles are derived directly from the manufacturer and are always implemented.

From OEM spare parts such as Filters, Spark Plugs, Accessory Drive Belts to lubricants and additives, you can rest assure that all maintenance parts utilised comply with manufacturer compliances & Specifications.

Your new vehicle manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty is safe with us!

Dealer Level Tooling & Diagnostic

There is always the right tool for the right job. From Dealership level brake fluid & Transmission fluid replacement tooling along with timid belt / chain replacement tooling kits there is no guess work when carrying out the most difficult of servicing.

With diagnostic tooling matching the access your local dealership has you will never leave HMD with that pesky 'Service Now!' light that flashes on the dash every time you utilise your vehicle post service.

Others miss it, HMD don't.

Certified & Qualified Mechanics

Our qualified mechanics have passed the most rigorous trade qualification training and are not just qualified in one area of expertise.

From light vehicle mechanical attributes all the way through to Heavy Diesel Road Transport backgrounds and almost everything in between, there is no shortage of knowledge and no job that is out of scope.

If you have an issue with your vehicle, chances are our certified team has come across it throughout their careers.

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