European Aftermarket Performance. Euro. Fast.

Our Performance Approach.

Client Consultation.

We begin the process with a clear outlook on the requirements and objectives the client has in mind for their vehicle.

Proven Methodology

With our business built on Modern Euro Performance, there is no doubt that the only acceptable outcome is perfection. This is delivered the only way it should be, with experience.

Custom Approach.

From ECU & TCU Calibration right through to exhaust, braking and suspension upgrades. There is a perfect fit, completely custom.

Unrivalled Results

Many performance brands in the industry promise results. HMD is the gateway to allow our clients to access the cream of the crop and bypass all the substandard products.

Our Specialties.

With state of the art tooling & calibration software we are able to leave no stone unturned in offering vehicle owners’ the safest and best way to performance. Their way.

Custom ECU / TCU Calibration

With the largest and most exclusive product catalogue known to Adelaide, HMD is able to source everything from performance modification to aesthetic modifications and everything in between.

Superior PArts catalogue

All modifications are conducted by trained professionals with industry leading backing from some of the biggest performance manufacturers in the aftermarket Euro performance marketplace.

Qualified. Insured. Passionate.

Our Affiliates