Specialist Volkswagen Servicing In Adelaide


VW Service Centre With Specialist Volkswagen Mechanics

Our HAINES Service Centre specialises in providing Servicing and Repairs for all Volkswagens in Adelaide, including all the latest models. Our Volkswagen Mechanics are fully qualified and certified to perform all servicing and mechanical work on Volkswagens.

When servicing your VW, we use Premium and Volkswagen Genuine Parts and Fluids. We follow all the factory servicing procedures and use dealership level tools, thus ensuring your Factory Warranty will not be voided.

If you’re looking for a Specialist Volkswagen Service Centre in Adelaide, Book your Volkswagen Service with our Volkswagen mechanics today.

Our Volkswagen Services

Volkswagen Servicing & Repairs

We perform both Minor and Major Services for all Volkswagens to factory standards using manufacturer recommended procedures. Our specialist mechanics follow VW’s dealer servicing schedule and are fully qualified to diagnose and perform Volkswagen servicing and repairs.

Volkswagen Engine & Peripherals

If your VW requires a complete engine replacement or repairs, our VW mechanics use the procedures in workshop manuals. Our specialist VW mechanics only use factory approved lubricants and premium parts recommended in the factory manuals.

Volkswagen Clutch & Transmission

We perform servicing and repairs on all the latest Volkswagen transmissions and clutches. Whether your VW is Automatic, DSG, or Manual, our Specialist VW mechanics can repair, replace or rebuild any Volkswagen transmission component.

Volkswagen Brakes

Ensuring your Volkswagen’s braking system is working correctly is vital for your safety and that of other road users. Our team of certified Volkswagen Brake Specialists is fully qualified and certified to service and repair Volkswagen Brake Systems. We use genuine and premium brake components in line with factory specifications.

Volkswagen Wheels, Tyres & Suspension

During your Volkswagen’s service, we triple check the wheels, tires, and suspension. If we find any damaged components, we’ll recommend and perform any necessary suspension work, ensuring the safety of your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Pre Purchase Inspections

If you’re considering purchasing a Volkswagen, we recommend booking a Pre-Purchase Inspection with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced Volkswagen mechanics will provide a detailed and transparent assessment of the car’s current condition. A Pre Purchase Inspection will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Volkswagen.

Why Choose HAINES For Your Volkswagen Servicing?

Our Volkswagen mechanics have years of experience and exceptional attention to detail, surpassing that of most apprentice mechanics at Volkswagen dealerships. We offer a boutique level of service at better pricing than dealerships.

Our Volkswagen Service Center provides Log-book Annual Servicing, Repairs, Safety, and Warranty Inspections.

Our specialised Volkswagen mechanics are committed to keeping your Volkswagen running smoothly and we focus on your satisfaction as our customer.


Factory VW Warranty Remains Intact

We follow Volkswagen’s approved car servicing procedures. We use genuine replacement service parts and lubricants that are factory approved to ensure that your Volkswagen’s warranty remains fully intact.

Certified Volkswagen Mechanics

We carefully select our Volkswagen mechanics to ensure hassle-free servicing for your Volkswagen. All our mechanics are qualified and competent, as determined by Australian Trade Qualification Training Centers.

Serviced To VW's Factory Standards

We use the latest factory Volkswagen manuals and tools for all Volkswagen models. Our specialised Volkswagen mechanics perform all services and repairs on your Volkswagen to meet factory standards.

Volkswagen Log Book Servicing

We use Volkswagen dealer tools and diagnostic equipment to service your car. We’re authorised to stamp your Log Book and reset service reminders. Your Volkswagen is serviced in accordance with the recommended service schedule.

Backed By Industry Leading Manufacturers

The German Lubricant Manufacturer, ‘Euro Mechanica’ Network, and the Motor Trade Association (MTA) trust us to provide Volkswagen servicing and support to our customers in Adelaide. We take pride in extending their reach through to Adelaide with our services.

Assurance, Insurance & Security

Our workshop is fully insured and our premises is highly secure – comparable to Fort Knox. With the biggest security firm in Adelaide monitoring after-hours to ensure the safety of your Volkswagen.

Our Trusted Suppliers When Servicing Your Volkswagen