Skoda Service Specialist In Adelaide


Get Your SKODA Serviced By Specialist SKODA Mechanics

Our HAINES Service Centre is skilled in working on all European vehicles, including all the latest car models from SKODA. Our SKODA mechanics are always ready to give you the best advice for any service or repair your SKODA might need.

We only use top-quality and SKODA-approved parts and fluids. That means your SKODA’s original factory warranty stays intact. We offer all kinds of services, from scheduled servicing to more involved mechanical repairs.

If you need your SKODA serviced in Adelaide, make a booking with our expert SKODA mechanics today.

Our Skoda Services

SKODA Car Servicing & Repairs

Our team of SKODA Specialist Mechanics is fully prepared to Service, Diagnose, and Repair your SKODA in line with factory standards. We conduct both Minor and Major Servicing following SKODA’s servicing schedule.

SKODA Engine & Peripherals

We service SKODA engines based on the factory schedule, using top-grade, factory-approved fluids and parts. In addition to routine maintenance, we carry out repairs and even complete engine replacements, following SKODA’s workshop manuals and procedures.

SKODA Clutch & Transmission

We’re able to service, repair, and replace any SKODA Clutch & Transmission. Whether Automatic, DSG or Manual, our SKODA Mechanics are well equipped to ensure your car is back on the road swiftly.

SKODA Brakes

Brakes are the most crucial safety feature of a car. It is essential to have them serviced by qualified and specialised SKODA Brake Specialists. We use only genuine and premium brake components. Our team is fully certified and qualified to service and repair SKODA Brake Systems.

SKODA Wheels, Tyres & Suspension

When your SKODA is in for a service, we also inspect the tyres and suspension. If required, tyres can be replaced, wheel alignment conducted and any necessary suspension work completed.

SKODA Pre Purchase Inspections

If you’re thinking of buying a SKODA, we strongly recommend arranging a Pre Purchase inspection with us. We comprehend German Engineering and will provide a fully transparent and detailed assessment of the car’s current condition.

Why Choose HAINES For Your SKODA Service?

HAINES is well known for our exceptional attention to detail that surpasses dealership standards. Our SKODA Service Centre delivers Log-book Servicing, Repairs, Safety and Warranty Inspections. We aim to offer a more personalised level of service at a cost that’s more budget-friendly than a Dealership’s Service Centre.

Our dedicated SKODA mechanics are enthusiastic and have years of hands-on experience. They have the skill and knowledge to guarantee that your SKODA runs flawlessly.

Our primary goal is to make your SKODA’s maintenance & Servicing experience as effortless and pleasant as possible.

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Maintain Your SKODA Warranty

We adhere to SKODA’s approved car servicing procedures, which include the use of factory-approved and genuine replacement service parts and lubricants.

Certified SKODA Mechanics

All mechanics working on your SKODA are qualified and deemed capable by Australian Trade Qualification Training Centres. We hand-pick only the most skilled technicians to ensure your SKODA servicing is smooth and hassle-free.

Servicing SKODA The Right Way

With access to SKODA Servicing Workshop manuals, our technicians always have the correct information at their fingertips. This allows us to verify that your SKODA is serviced properly.

SKODA Log-Book Servicing

We are authorised to fill out and maintain your log-book records. We also possess Dealer Level diagnostic equipment to reset your service reminders.

Top-Notch Support

Backed by the largest and most esteemed German Lubricant Manufacturer as part of the ‘Euro Mechanica’ Network, and with the support of the Motor Trade Association (MTA), it’s clear they trust us with their legacy and have given us the chance to grow that trust.

Assurance, Insurance & Security

Our workshop is fully insured and as secure as Fort Knox. With Adelaide’s most reputable security firm monitoring our premises after business hours, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is safe.

Our Trusted Suppliers When Servicing Your SKODA