GYEON Polish Wipe Cloth


Gyeon Q²M Polish Wipe offers a completely edgeless, laser-cut microfibre cloth to ensure best durability and softness. One side with a shorter length of the fibre and other with longer, offering more versatility with detailing than your standard microfibre cloths available from other brands.


Made from a premium quality Korean microfibre, this cloth can be used for final finishing including removal of waxes and sealants, whilst the shorter side is perfect for removing polish and oily residues such as with Gyeon Prep.

This product can be used everywhere on your pride and joy without worry, the standard rules apply in that you should use a new section of towel whenever the old section gets a little full of product or dirty.

Always wash Microfibre Towels/Products on their own – warm wash, preferrably with liquid detergent and NO Fabric Softner. And NO hot drying. Take care of this microfibre product it should last for 50+ washes easily

Size: 40 x 40 cm