IE PCV Solution Kit for 2.0T FSI Engines


Save your engine from an oily mess, built-up crankcase pressure, rough idle, fuel economy, and boost loss with a quick and simple install that takes less than 20 minutes on average. You will immediately notice a drastic improvement in drivability and power if your valve was leaking previously.

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One of the most common failures on the 2.0T FSI engine is the factory pressure-relief valve. These valves are in place to recirculate crankcase gases into the intake manifold once they open. Although this works fine for a few thousand miles, they begin to leak over time and cause boost to go past the valve into the valve cover. This not only causes an oily mess in the engine bay from crankcase pressure but a rough idle, fuel economy decline and boost loss. With boost pressure far below where it should be, it is common to notice significant power losses and poor drivability.


Using our kit, you are able to completely remove the pressure-relief valve and replace it with a billet aluminium plate. This allows the factory breather system to function properly while eliminating the failure-prone relief valve. With the hose between the valve cover and intake manifold completely eliminated, the included boost cap is used to block off the hose connection on the end of the intake manifold. Our billet cap features a tapped hole that can be plugged or used to plumb a boost gauge, compared to competitor’s products that do not offer a provision for plumbing a boost gauge.


  • Save your engine from a faulty pressure relief valve
  • Direct replacement & quick installation
  • IE boost cap has an optional outlet for a boost gauge
  • Bright black anodized finish
  • In-house CNC machined aluminum


Fits all timing belt-driven 2.0T FSI engines including:

2006-2008 MKV GTI/GLI
2012-2013 Golf R
2006-2008 1F7 Eos
2006-2008 B6 Passat
2006-2008 8P A3
2005-2008 B7 A4
2006-2008 MKII TT