Mahle PowerPak Piston Set for 2.0T FSI/Golf R/S3 Engines 83.5mm Bore Diameter


For all VW/Audi 2.0T FSI turbo engines.  Mahle has responded to the demanding requirements for today’s performance pistons.  Higher power demands have risen thermal loads, high engine speeds have increased inertia load, ignition pressure stress has increased through direct fuel injection and turbocharging.

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*83.5mm Cylinder Bore Diameter*

Utilizing OE experience and innovative concepts, Mahle has continually adapted existing piston designs to combat challenges of aftermarket demands.  Mahle pistons utilize weight-optimized aluminium pistons manufactured from high-temperature resistant aluminium-silicon alloy. This alloy along with Mahle’s refined design and production technology enable an ideal combination producing pistons with low weight and high load-bearing capacity. For use with 20mm wrist pin IE Connecting Rods.


Mahle pistons are treated with their own coating known as GRAFAL. GRAFAL skirt coating greatly reduces the skirt to wall surface friction and increases scuffing resistance. Another advantage of the GRAFAL coated pistons is they enable a closer fitting clearance that gives significantly lower engine noise in conjunction with complex piston forms.